IT & Communication Division (AV Systems)

Since inception, Enpro Audio Visual, Networking & Communication Division has implemented a large number of projects including A/V, Networking and Videoconferencing all over Saudi Arabia. In addition to major clients such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC and affiliates, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, etc., Enpro has diversified products and services to meet requirements of clients from other various sectors such as Training centers, schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Medium and Small conference rooms, etc.

Covered Markets

Oil & GasIndustrial / Petrochemical GovernmentMilitaryMedicalEducationPrivate sector companies

Projects Services

Analysis and Pre-project Consulting

This Service is essential to establish the client's specific requirements and expectations for the system's function and use.

Preliminary Design

A preliminary system design, developed by certified engineers, focuses on the client's fundamental requirements, the appropriate technologies and forecasted costing. This step ensures the integration of technologies and also takes the room's structural, aesthetic, lighting and acoustic characteristic into account where the facility is in the process of being built, liaison with the building contractor, electrical engineers, interior designers and architects ensures that the system design is best suited to the client's requirements.

Reviewing & Enhancing

The preliminary system design and budget are reviewed by the client and any required adjustments are implemented.

Implementing & Deployments

Typically the AV system will be at Enpro facilities prior to on-site installation. This includes building the racks, wiring the equipment, loading all the component and system testing. This off-site building process ensures.

That system project is correctly engineered and that the entire major components are fully functional. Simultaneously to the off-site building process, an on-site installation manager ensures that all the cable runs are installed;Power requirement for the system are met; andAuxiliary devices are mounted and installed correctly (projection screen, projector mounts, interfaces, speakers,and microphone and floor boxes).

Once the groundwork has been laid at the facility and the off-site building process is complete, the system is installed, wires connected, cable runs checked, AV control system programmed, tested and debugged, acoustic measurement taken, signal flows checked and the control are tested and fine-tuned for optimal system performance.